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Service and maintenance contracts

A plus of safety for your production

For a nearly trouble-free operation of your plants and systems it is obligatory to have them inspected and maintained at regular intervals. A service contract with Venti Oelde will considerably minimise the risk of an unexpected production failure.

The service intervals can be determined at your own choice, either once per year, or every six or three months. For maintenance works it is advisable to use planned shut-off times like for example plant holidays.

The Venti Oelde service technicians will check your plants and fans not only for a possible increase of availability and service life but simultaneously for the current regulations of accident prevention. So you are always on the safe side.


Your advantages:

  • Increase and optimum utilisation of the service life of your plants and fans
  • Improvement of operating safety
  • Increase of plant availability
  • Optimising of operating processes
  • Reduction of failures
  • Foresighted cost planning
  • Adherence to schedules and quality assurance

A regular inspection of fans and plants pays off!
If only one single unforeseen production failure will be avoided the investment into a service contract with Venti Oelde was profitable!
Give us a chance and let us submit an offer to you!


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