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Ventilating plant with heat recovery for dry-type both Control room of a ventilating plant with heat recovery Ventilating for a press Workshop Ventilating for a cleaning booth Supply air system for a paint-spray shop Recirculating air plants for printing presses Supply and exhaust air plant for gravure and decorative paper printing presses
Air replenishment for the maintenance area of a continuous drier

Ventilating and air-conditioning plants

For cost-effectiveness, production quality and a pleasant indoor climate

Tailor-made ventilation systems ensure constant air temperatures and humidity levels.

One of our tasks is to achieve a balance between investment and operating costs. Venti engineers design ventilation systems according to the local conditions and the customer’s requirements. With exact planning and with help from intelligent air-processing systems, it is possible to ideally regulate the temperatures and humidity as required in the working area. The extraction and recovery of heat are also key subjects that require our ability to innovate and our expertise.

Apart from improving the indoor climate, the use of intelligent Venti air-processing technology also enables constant production quality.


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Dedicated solutions for the printing and paper industries
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