Product range

Cost-effective stand-alone solution via a source air outlet to provide air-conditioning for a workplace prone to overheating. Control cabinet to monitor and control a process Rotovent heat exchanger Gas burner with a gas control section and chimney to indirectly heat air via a flue gas heat exchanger Heating distributor and connections for the warm water–air heat exchanger Humidifier in a production building air-conditioning system Humidifier in a production building air-conditioning system
Supply air dispersal openings for air replenishment in a manufacturing workshop


For new systems, modernisation and repairs

Venti Oelde supplies and installs components for ventilation as well as for heating and air-conditioning.

The photos show a few examples.


More detailed information about components

Dedicated solutions for the printing and paper industries
Dedicated solutions for the woodworking industries
Specialized solutions for the iron and steel, metal-working and processing industries