Ventilating, heating and air conditioning plants by Venti Oelde

Further information

Venti manufactures and installs air heating systems, ventilation systems with heat recovery and air-conditioning systems for workshops and rooms. The recovery of up to 75 per cent of the heat energy increases efficiency while reducing operating costs and optimising your working procedures. For instance, the heat exchanger that we developed is controlled by the measured data.

In combination with air supply and extraction units, air cooling and humidifying systems as well as intelligent air distribution, conventional heating costs for a factory workshop can be reduced in a very cost-effective way. The additional integrated heating is thus only used when the outdoor temperatures are extremely low.

Tailor-made ventilation systems ensure constant air temperatures and humidity levels. One of our tasks is to achieve a balance between investment and operating costs.
New production buildings are often planned without any natural ventilation. Under these circumstances, for many years now Venti Oelde has ensured a balanced climate in factory buildings for all types of industry.
One central subject when it comes to achieving the optimum balance between investment and operating costs is the extraction and recovery of heat. Via heat exchangers in the air ducts, up to 75 per cent of the energy in the outgoing air can be recovered.
Control engineering is of fundamental importance in the field of overall plant planning. In collaboration with the customer, Venti Oelde develops special control equipment for each specific task.
Venti Oelde supplies and installs components for ventilation as well as for heating and air-conditioning.