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Hot-air generator for a gravure printing press used to print packaging
Hot-air generator for a gravure printing press used to print packaging
Hot-air generator for a gravure printing press used to print packaging

Drying systems for printing machines

Modular system for material widths of up to 5,000 mm

For many years Venti Oelde has been a supplier of drying technologies for the printing and paper segments. The products offered range from laboratory equipment to large-scale industrial plants. Solutions with various heat transmission systems are just as much a part of the range as convection and contact dryers, IR and UV radiation dryers and combined drying systems. Depending on the application of requirements, the materials are supported on bars, rollers, fabric belts, conveyor belts, tension frames or air-cushions (flotation dryer).

We also supply special constructions in the form of inert gas dryers, acid resistant dryers, reduced pressure dryers, dryers with integrated heat exchangers and with airlocks, capable of handling continuous material widths between 100 and 5,000 mm.

Operating temperatures are up to 120°C for solvent based inks, up to 180°C for aqueous dispersions, 250°C for hardening and curing processes and up to 400°C for special applications.

The systems are available as standardised, modular components for further expansion as and when required. For instance, various winding and rewinding components, laminating machines and other feed and extraction systems can be simply attached, such as, for example, vacuum transport tables.

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