Surface technology by Venti Oelde

Further information

Venti Oelde supplies complete systems to dry surface applications to a wide variety of materials.

As a result of many years working with partners in the relevant branches, specially developed drying systems can be integrated into complete surface treatment plants.

Our strengths include contact, radiation and convection dryers.

Material coated on both sides or open-pored, delicate materials require contact-free transport and drying.
For many years Venti Oelde has been a supplier of drying technologies for the printing and paper segments.
The products offered range from laboratory equipment to large-scale industrial plants.
There are some very different applications for drying systems. A few examples illustrate the variety (…)
Similar to the plug-and-play method used in computers, Venti develops pre-fitted compact units together with the users for printing machines such as for intermediate ink drying and bridge drying in flexo printing machines.