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Pressure-shock-resistant dust collection plant for large shredder Pressure-shock-resistant dust collection plant for large shredder Peripheral plant downstream of large shredder Dust collection plant for large shredder 2000 hp shredder with dust collection and air separation plant Material feed to shredder plant Treatment and disposal downstream of a scrap mill Shredder dust collection plant with wet scrubber Small shredder plant
Apron feed conveyor to a large shredder

Shredder systems

Powerful titans for iron and steel scrap

Large shredder plants have today acquired an important role in the recovery of iron and steel scrap. Machines with main drives of up to 10000 hp can process not only whole car bodies but also light to heavy mixed scrap.

Venti Oelde has planned and constructed complete air-handling systems and processing plants downstream of the shredder, meaning the complete peripheral plant, countless times.

We rely on our shock-resistant wet scrubbers to collect dust from the shredder. They can withstand an explosion pressure of up to 3 bar.
To control shredder systems, Venti Oelde offers simple control technology in compact systems as well as highly complex control systems using a PC and monitor.

As well as the complete engineering, Venti Oelde has been providing all services, including acting as general contractor for complete plants, since the introduction of large shredders to Europe in the Sixties.


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