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Product range
Pressure-shock-resistant wet scrubber plant for large shredder
Pressure-shock-resistant wet scrubber plant for large shredder
Pressure-shock-resistant and flameproof rotary airlock
Pressure-shock-resistant wet scrubber plant for large shredder

Safety technology

Passive and active risk prevention

Transporting dust in any way is generally connected with explosion hazard. Venti Oelde has gained experience in this field over the years and in cooperation with the customer can plan the integration of active and passive safety measures into the plant. Take advantage of this considerable experience and talk to our engineers.

Some examples:

We rely on our shock-resistant wet scrubbers to collect dust from the shredder. They can withstand an explosion pressure of up to 3 bar.

Venti Oelde has developed a rotary airlock that is both shock-resistant and prevents flashovers. The airlock has flexible sealing strips and ensures that explosions or fires are decoupled. The rotary airlocks have been tested and certified to ATEX guidelines 94/9/EC for use as protective systems in areas at risk of explosions.

Amply sized explosion vents in the return air ducts and a 180 degree bend prevent the pressure wave being propagated in the workshop.

Fire and explosion prevention is, of course, of crucial importance in our plants and is a point which is considered in collaboration with the plant operator or general contractor in the planning phase of the project.

More detailed information about safety technology

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