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Control desk to monitor the processing in a shredder system Switchgear cabinet for control and process monitoring Switchgear cabinet for a shredder downstream plant Motor control unit using bus technology
Local control sections with repair switches in a shredder plant

Plant control

A good overview with software support

Control engineering is of fundamental importance in the field of overall plant planning. Venti Oelde will develop, in collaboration with the customer, special control software for each task. Data crucial to operation are gathered and the necessary safety equipment integrated into the system.

Venti Oelde can offer simple control engineering in compact systems as well as highly complex plant controls using PC and monitor.

A good example of this is the working method of large shredder plants. Venti Oelde risked a step forward by replacing the control panel by a control cabin in which the shredder operator can sit comfortably and keep an eye on all vital process data and also the shredder infeed area at all times. Furthermore, with the help of cameras in the system and extra monitors, the shredder operator can monitor especially important areas of the system which are not directly visible.


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