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Zig-zag separator for the preparation of secondary fuels
Separation plant for production rejects in the hygiene industry

Inspection systems and sorting systems

Tidy separation of recycled materials

No matter whether waste is bio-mechanically pre-treated or burnt, it is advisable in any case to separate out any impurities. Venti Oelde offers a number of different air classifying systems, so-called wind sifters. These are characterized by using recirculating air and by their capability of handling large volumes. New developments such as the large particle separator complete the spectrum.

Even when bio-mechanical processing at a later date in waste processing plants is planned to produce secondary fuel, these classifiers are useful to generate a secondary fuel fraction with a high-calorific value.


More detailed information about inspection systems and sorting systems

Specialized solutions for the recycling industry
Recovery of valuable raw materials
Flexibility becomes a profit-earning factor