Product range

Separation of bottle tops and dividing them into aluminium caps and PE caps Rotary screen separator Screening separator for production rejects
Paper waste disposal from cutters

Air-based separators

Cyclone, filter, washer and separator as required

Venti Oelde offers system solutions for almost all air-based requirements:

  • High-performance cyclone for the separation of light and heavy materials
  • Jet-filters, reverse air filters and cartridge filters
  • Wet scrubbers
  • Large particle separators as compact units
  • Perforated sheet metal separator


More detailed information about air-based separators

Dedicated solutions for the printing and paper industries
Specialized solutions for the recycling industry
Recovery of cellulose fibers and superabsorbents improve profitability
From waste to profitable material
Transport and processing of PET bottles
Recovery of valuable raw materials
Flexibility becomes a profit-earning factor