Recycling and waste processing plants by Venti Oelde

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Production waste or waste of one type represent a great resource potential if they are properly recycled. Venti Oelde has taken up the cause of processing waste before it is transferred to a recovery facility. When recycled materials are separated, this produces secondary raw materials. These can be sold for a higher profit or reintroduced to the manufacturing process.

Oelde is the source of recycling plants for the recovery of reusable waste and material separation. Aside from processing systems behind large shredders, mills and incinerators, we deliver dust collection plants and air-management concepts for waste processing companies.

Our fundamental goal in this is to achieve the optimum in investment and operating costs through customer-oriented and flexible solutions.

To stay abreast of increasingly stringent legal requirements and costly treatment processes, the whole field of dust collection and air handling is of major importance in waste processing plants. Venti Oelde applies its know-how in the handling of air and collecting of dust here. As well as simple filter plants and wet scrubbers we also supply large and complex dust collection plants, if necessary with precoating plants for the various cleaning systems.

In addition to that, we support general contractors in building special systems by developing specific air management concepts that minimise air volumes and thus emissions.

No matter whether waste is bio-mechanically pre-treated or burnt, it is advisable in any case to separate out any impurities. Venti Oelde offers a number of different air classifying systems, so-called wind sifters.
Large shredder plants have today acquired an important role in the recovery of iron and steel scrap.
The constantly growing demand for electrical consumer goods in the shape of large household equipment, communications equipment, computers and entertainment electronics all lead, apart from reuse, to significant quantities of waste being recycled.
Venti Oelde supplies standardised processing technology which leads to significant savings in the disposal of the light shredder fractions.
The design of the processing system allows the standard separation technology to be extended by adding additional processes.
To create maximum value when recycling waste, non-ferrous processing systems are the key to success.
Apart from the machinery for the individual processing stages, the transport and supply of the waste to be recycled within the waste processing system is another important aspect.
The industrial use of secondary fuels is constantly increasing. For many combustion processes the secondary fuels have to be processed beforehand in order to guarantee smooth and regular burning.
The treatment of waste is significantly affected by the prohibition of waste dumps. With the technologies offered by Venti Oelde, raw material resources can be saved due to recycling processes.
Venti offers tried and tested and efficient solutions to collect, transport and dispose of edge trim waste, produced during the cutting or trimming of continuous material.
Venti Oelde offers system solutions for almost all air-based requirements.
Control engineering is of fundamental importance in the field of overall plant planning. Venti Oelde will develop, in collaboration with the customer, special control software for each task.
Transporting dust in any way is generally connected with explosion hazard. Venti Oelde has gained experience in this field over the years and in cooperation with the customer can (…)
It is the intelligent combination of system components which makes the difference. For recycling and waste processing systems (amongst other things) we can offer the following components (…)