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Wear protection on vulnerable surfaces by armouring the impeller blades and wear strips on both sides of the impeller backplate Combination of different wear-protection materials on the impeller of a separator fan Wear-protected impeller of cement separator fan
Wear-protected impeller of raw mill fan

Wear-proof fans

Hard-wearing under extreme conditions

Fans are often subject to the harshest wear. Abrasive media that is carried in the air flow (e.g. clinker dust, quartz and also corundum, wood and plastic shavings) attack the material.

Wear can render high-quality machine parts inoperative in the shortest time. The resulting costs are considerable. Investing in preventive measures is cost effective.

Venti Oelde uses various measures to prevent abrasion to impellers and inner casing walls through friction and impact. Such protective measures are decided on as early as during the design of our fans. Suitable materials, high-precision machining and optimal blade geometry effectively increase service life.


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Hardfacing on High Strength
Steel for Lightweight Wear
Protected Structural Materials
Large and special fans
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Wear protection for centrifugal fans

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