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Product range
Fan impeller, showing baked-on deposits and severe wear
Fan impeller, showing baked-on deposits and severe wear
Extreme wear on impeller centre-plate and on the blade inlet edges
Fan impeller used in the timber industry, showing wear and tear, and with some broken off and cracked blades
Damage analysis/crack detection via dye penetrant testing
Visual inspection of a fan impeller in need of repair to assess the damage
Fan impeller used in the cement industry, showing caking and severe wear
Surface crack detection (MP) of the welds on completion of the repair
Fan impeller, showing baked-on deposits and severe wear

Impeller repairs

The efficiency factor

Fan impellers perform a vital function in the production process, conveying air, steam, gases, dust and airborn material. If a fan impeller breaks down this can in some circumstances lead to a complete production shutdown.

Venti Oelde carries out preventative servicing and maintenance work on fan impellers. Furthermore, we are of course happy to carry out any necessary cleaning and repair work on both our own products and those of other manufacturers.

To adapt fan impellers to expanding processes and increased requirements, Venti Oelde also upgrades existing installations. We specialise in improving the performance and efficiency of fan impellers as well as ensuring their safe operation and prolonging their useful life.

Optimising and carefully maintaining fan impellers almost inevitably leads to productivity and cost benefits, thus giving you a competitive edge. Prevention, maintenance and optimisation thus mean added profitability.

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