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Welding the casing of a fan for the extraction of sinter fumes
Welding the casing of a fan for the extraction of sinter fumes
Filter exhaust air fan
Construction of a welded impeller
Circulating air fan for cement separator
Fans for rotary cooler downstream of sintering plant
Double-inlet impeller with stiffened blade inlet and outlet edges for exhaust gas fan downstream of filter
High-pressure fan for fluid bed granulation process
High-pressure fan for fluid bed granulation process
Loading a double-inlet rotor into a cargo plane
Performance testing facility
FEM computation of a rotor
FEM computation of a rotor
Preparing for a performance test in the Venti Oelde testing facility
Large double-inlet fan for dust collection system in steel works
Supply air fan for a power plant
Welding the casing of a fan for the extraction of sinter fumes

Large and special fans

Power and endurance for industrial applications

Large and special fans from Venti Oelde are used in almost all key industries. They are the “heart” of industrial plants and processes, as they are mostly in use around the clock, for example in the cement and steel industries as well as in the chemical industry and refining plants, in power stations and waste incineration plants. Other areas of application are the mining, food, glass and woodworking industries, to name just a few.

Absolute reliability is required in all areas. Venti Oelde guarantees this through technical competence and recognized quality. Our services range from planning and engineering through distribution and installation to maintenance and after-sales service. If required, centrifugal fans can comply with the strict American Petroleum Institute Standards API 560 and 673.

All individual solutions for the complex performance profiles are primarily based on functionality, reliability and operating and economic efficiency. As a “problem solver” with technical far-sightedness, our medium-sized enterprise has the backing of decades of experience and success in the market.

Venti Oelde develops and optimizes individually designed partial and complete solutions for almost all industrial air handling applications. Large and special fans from Venti Oelde are unique systems which are optimised for each application with the best possible efficiency and maximum availability. Sound-proofing, the elimination of structure-borne noise, corrosion resistance, gas-tight versions, minimal dust deposits and countless other specifications are the challenges with which Venti Oelde is daily confronted.

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