Industrial fans by Venti Oelde

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The conceptual spectrum of radial industrial fans comprises high-pressure versions for the handling of gases and dust-free air, fans to handle woodchips and materials, high-efficiency fans for transporting gases and dust, and large fans for dust-laden air. For the circulation of hot gases with temperatures exceeding 1,000 °C, or for corrosive gases, we build special fan models from corrosion-resistant materials.

Our designs are durable, low-noise and easy to maintain. Each fan is calculated and constructed for its specific use based on process parameters.

Large and special fans from Venti Oelde are used in almost all key industries. They are the “heart” of industrial plants and processes.
Material transport fans are mostly used in the wood industry, but solid particles are also pneumatically transported in many other industrial applications.
Venti high-pressure fans combine intelligent technology with outstanding quality. Venti high-pressure fans can be used in almost limitless ways, but especially as pressure-increase fans in (…)
Our circulating fans can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C and are used for tempering, annealing and hardening furnaces, as well as for core drying. To operate the furnace system economically an even and fast exchange of heat is required.
With shredding fans, we can shred continuous material such as edge strips which arise, for instance, during the manufacture of paper, cardboard and fibreboards.
To cool rotary kiln jackets, and for other cooling processes in cement factories, swivel-mounted axial fans blow air onto the outer surfaces. There is a fixed version or there is an option to make the axial fan manoeuvrable. Specially adapted nozzle systems provide an optimum cooling effect.
Fans are often subject to the harshest wear. Abrasive media that is carried in the air flow (e.g. clinker dust, quartz and also corundum, wood and plastic shavings) attack the material.
When explosive gases need to be transported, we fit our fans with an absolutely gas-tight shaft seal. Multi-chamber labyrinth seals with sealing gas connection provide the safety required here.
For processes which require better sealing of the components, for example when transporting aggressive or toxic gases, we equip our fans with multi-chamber labyrinth seals around the shaft.
Fans for use with explosive media are supplied in shockproof versions. Approval certificates from German and non-German test institutes, as well as explosions “on site” with no resulting damage demonstrate the robustness and safety of our design.
Fan impellers perform a vital function in the production process, conveying air, steam, gases, dust and airborn material. If a fan impeller breaks down this can in some circumstances lead to a complete production shutdown.
The services that Venti Oelde provides start with the first contact and extend right through to support during regular operation. From projecting to the planning phase and from engineering to the installation, you have a personal contact the whole time.