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Product range
Fume extraction system for a welding bay
Fume extraction system for a welding bay
Exhaust of a welding robot
Exhaust of welding robot station
Fume extraction system for a welding bay

Welding fumes exhaust

Designed for compatibility with processes and to save energy

Welding fume extractors collect the fumes either from the immediate vicinity of the object or via large hoods. The exhausted fumes are then fed to the filter system via a main duct.

We will analyse your process, consider the welding parts used, the welding materials, the welding process and the welding gases. The future development of your operations can also be taken into account.

On request, we can measure the air quantities required or determine them by means of a computer-based simulation of the airflow. Using this data we can then specify an efficient system for extracting contaminants and adding fresh ai

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