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Extraction of vapour on a steel rolling mill Recirculating air drying with humidity discharge for a gravure printing press Air handling technology for a coil coating plant for light metal foil Rolling stand exhaust Exhaust and ventilating for a cardboard coating plant Exhaust system for light metal die casting machines Regenerative solvent oxidizing system for derived timber product coating plant Machine exhaust in a decorative paper printing shop Exhaust air cleaning on a flame-cutting bench Control and process monitoring for an exhaust air treatment plant Exhaust from aluminium pre-smelting furnace Solvent exhaust for a gravure printing press Vapour exhaust for steel plate refining process Release agent exhaust from a die casting machine
Cooling line in fittings production shop

Process air cleaning

Clean and dispose of fumes containing contaminants

For cooling processes as well as for the chemical or physical treatment of materials or surfaces, liquids are used that either partially or fully evaporate. Venti Oelde collects the fumes containing the contaminants (directly at the place where they are produced, if possible) cleans them and discharges of them. Ensuring the health and safety of staff is of the highest priority.

Due to the highly effective extraction of fumes, staff can have unrestricted access to monitor the process. The system equipment is also protected from corrosion.


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