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Emulsion separation for a bolt production line
Emulsion vapour exhaust system for hot rolling stand

Collection of oil and emulsion vapours

Separating contaminants and recovering heat

Oil and emulsion extraction systems from Venti Oelde make a significant contribution to environmentally friendly workplaces.

For example: when tools are cooled on turning, drilling, milling and other high-speed machine tools, oil, kerosene and emulsion vapours arise which are extracted directly where they are produced. This keeps machines and workplaces clean and the operating personnel are protected from inhaling hazardous substances.

The liquid and solid parts contained in oil, kerosene and emulsion vapours are almost completely separated and collected in an oil vapour separator. In this way, they do not end up in water drainage systems. In many cases, the heat in the air cleaned in the separation process can be recovered and reused.


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