Exhaust air treatment plants by Venti Oelde

Further information

Extraction of welding and other process fumes as well as steam and heat results in a good “work climate”. Venti Oelde develops total solutions for this for machines, processes, workplaces, cabins, rooms and workshops of all sizes. For example, in industrial printing processes, the discharged air may be loaded with solvents, moisture, odours and excessive heat. Our highly effective systems reliably clean the flow of discharged air. The heat energy contained can be efficiently recaptured by a heat exchanger.

For cooling processes as well as for the chemical or physical treatment of materials or surfaces, liquids are used that either partially or fully evaporate.
An effective extraction system for zinc and galvanizing baths permits the personnel to work free from vapours and without limiting freedom of movement. The fumes are mechanically, physically or chemically treated and cleaned.
In numerous processes in a wide variety of sectors, gases and dust are released which could reach concentrations that endanger health in the workplace if not extracted via air-processing systems.
New legal requirements represent a challenge for every company. They are, however, also triggers for innovation and upgrades.
Oil and emulsion extraction systems from Venti Oelde make a significant contribution to environmentally friendly workplaces.
Welding fume extractors collect the fumes either from the immediate vicinity of the object or via large hoods. The exhausted fumes are then fed to the filter system via a main duct.
In recent years the number of complaints about unpleasant smells in the vicinity of production plants has increased.There are many reasons for these smells.