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Wet scrubber to extract fumes from a saw and a flame-spraying system Wet scrubber for laser perforation on a rotary punch Dedusting of a conveying plant for aluminium swarf Exhaust from polishing workplaces with wet scrubber Collection of paper dust
Wet scrubber for laser perforation

Wet scrubbers

Highly versatile under extreme conditions

Wet scrubbers are used in metalworking, in foundries, in the construction industry, in the mineral processing industry; everywhere, where difficult dusts have to be extracted. Our wet scrubbers perform very well under extreme conditions: if dust is sticky or very moist; if hybrid mixtures occur; if dust contains a lot of sparks; if vapours and mists have to be cleaned of solid particles. Also, if materials are processed where there is a risk of explosion, but fabric filter plants cannot and may not be used. A prerequisite is, however, that the solid particles can be wetted. If the requirements of the clean gas are high, the use of wet scrubbers is somewhat restricted. 

Venti Oelde manufactures wet scrubbers for flow volumes from 1,000 m³ to 50,000 m³ per hour.

As standard, we equip our round wet scrubbers with three different systems to discharge sludge. We can, however, also design special solutions.


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Dedicated solutions for the printing and paper industries
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Wet scrubbers