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Product range
Wet scrubber with an upstream cyclone after the shredder
Wet scrubber with an upstream cyclone after the shredder
Venturi scrubber behind deep drawing press
Venturi scrubber behind deep drawing press


Wash out process dust cost-effectively

For special requirements, Venti Oelde has spray scrubbers and venturi scrubbers. These scrubbers serve to prewet the dust and to reduce the amount of residual dust when working with large amounts of material.

The spray scrubber is a very high-performance scrubbing system. It impresses through its low pressure loss, low water consumption and an optimised, two-stage water treatment system. The centrifugal separation of coarse dust, fluff and solid particles is supplemented by intensive scrubbing of the fine dust components in concentrically arranged scrubbing zones. With very high concentrations of fine dust in the unfiltered gas flow, an additional, external venturi module can be added in front of the system. The legally required residual dust concentrations can thus be easily achieved.

The venturi scrubber is characterised by especially intense scrubbing in a venturi tube. Due to the high velocity of the gas flow in the venturi throat, the injected washing liquid is converted to a fine spray. In the venturi tube diffuser, there is such close contact between the water spray and the dust particles, that the particles are sufficiently wetted to be captured by the liquid. Behind the venturi tube, there is a centrifugal droplet separator. In this, the water droplets entrained by the gas flow are eliminated together with the wet, fine dust particles. The scrubbing water can be reused after being processed in a drum sieve and slurry conveyor.

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