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Product range
Dust removal system for a ring shredder
Dust removal system for a ring shredder
Pressure-shock-resistant cyclone filter for the separation of large quantities of material
Pressure-shock-resistant Jet bag filter in chipboard factory
Insulated filter for a pneumatic conveying system
Clean air plenum in circular filter
Circular filters being transported by rail
Dust removal system for a ring shredder

Round and cyclone filters

Round and cyclone filters

To separate large quantities of bulk materials, our robust and low-maintenance round filters with integrated cyclone separators are tried and tested. Amongst other things, they are used as final separators for pneumatic conveying systems. 

Venti Oelde makes round and cyclone filters tailored to your requirements. Depending on the application, we use a variety of sheet thicknesses and materials such as stainless steel and highly wear-resistant steel.
We offer filters in a variety of versions, such as those that fit on top of bunkers, with a filtered air dome or with a swivel lid.

As a centrifugal separator with a tangential inlet, these filters offer the greatest possible primary separation. Pressure is carefully applied to the filter bags. The round shape of the housing makes it very robust.

A shockproof level of up to 10 bar has been proven via tests with water pressure, amongst other tests. Use in areas at risk of explosion conforms to ATEX guidelines 94/9/EU. Pipelines with pressure relief baffles prevent the pressure wave from entering downstream equipment. The dust-laden air ducts can be decoupled with tested non-return valves. Even if, despite all of the safety precautions, it should come to a dust explosion, the pressure relief mechanisms will reduce the damage and the resulting system downtime.

Venti Oelde individually adapts the filters to the local circumstances. The flexible height and filter diameters from 1150 mm to 4500 mm in our product range unterline this.

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