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Filtered air space for a reverse air filter with a cleaning unit Reverse air filter plant with chips loading silo Reverse air filter with explosion vents and 180° bend for return air operation Double reverse air filter with air return Reverse air filter with pneumatic conveying plant for dust and chips separation Reverse air filter with exhaust fans arranged on the dust-laden gas side Reverse air filter for collection of wood dust Reverse air filter for dust collection in a laminate production line Reverse air filter with 100 % air return, 180° air direction change and explosion vents Explosion vent mounted in a filter plant
Explosion vents with rupture sensors

Reverse air filters

Dust-free processes for continuous operation

When filtering air containing bulky and/or fluffy fibrous material, other parameters apply than for conventional dust. The aim is to avoid dust collecting in the spaces between the filter bags to ensure a continuous discharge of the filtered dust as well as to maintain a constant pressure loss in the filter. Venti Oelde has developed special reverse air and pulse filters for the processing of light-density materials in the wood, fibre, textile and paper industries. They work with air volumes from 10,000 m³ up to in excess of 250,000 m³ per hour and at maximum temperatures of 60°C. They guarantee trouble-free, continuous operation and can be supplied to conform to the ATEX 94/9/EU guidelines.

The standard modular units, which can be combined to form filter systems of any size and length, consist of a hopper part with an integrated chain trough conveyor (if required, also with a worm conveyor), centre sections available in three heights which match the differing filter bag lengths, and a filter head with an integrated reverse air or pulse cleaning system. By inserting intermediate empty units to introduce the dusty air, we can achieve an intensive pre-separation of the coarse dust and optimal distribution of the air across the filtering sections.

We supply two versions of these filters: single or double row, in a parallel, two-chamber design. The modular construction of the reverse air filter makes the positioning and assembly of the filter very flexible. It is easy to extend this by adding units.

The reverse air and pulse filters are extremely low maintenance. All the filter components that need to be regularly inspected are easily accessible.


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