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Product range
High-pressure pneumatic conveying plant for waste-derived fuel
High-pressure pneumatic conveying plant for waste-derived fuel
Conveying of residual materials
Pneumatic conveying plant for fibrous materials
Conveying plant for cleaning cloths
Conveying plant for empty PET bottles
High-pressure pneumatic conveying plant for waste-derived fuel

Pneumatic conveyor systems

Maximum performance when transporting material

To transport large quantities of dust or chips, or to bridge large distances, we have high and medium pressure conveyor systems in our product range. When sizing these systems, we take particular care to select an energy-efficient and wear-protected, low-maintenance design. The decisive advantages result from the use of low cross-section pipes to transport the material. This means that you only need a minimum volume of air and low power consumption for a high capacity system. In this way, up to 50 tons of material can be transported per hour, over distances of almost 1,000 metres.

Pneumatic conveyors represent an interesting solution for the supply and disposal of bulk materials during the production process. A wide variety of bulk materials can be conveyed for storage or loading into silo stations.

Suitable options for disposal include replaceable containers, silo systems, press-container, big bags and loading onto trucks. You may also consider dust transport over longer distances using vibration troughs, conveyor belts or a floor conveyor system.

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