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Oval bag filter ROVAL filter for high-grade steel grinding dust with air return to the workshop and welding fume exhaust Filter for exhaust of paper dust and edge trim
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Oval bag filter

Space-saving performance for dry dust

The ROVAL, oval bag filter range is a compact, space-saving and extremely efficient bag filter system for the separation of almost all dry, free-flowing dusts.

The oval filter bags are installed horizontally in the dust-laden gas plenum. They are clamped and sealed against the slotted wall from the clean air side. The advantage of oval filter bags is that they keep their shape. Cleaning is supported by the vertical downflow to the bags. Short, powerful pressure pulses dislodge the dust cake from the filter surface. The pulses come from the compressed air tanks, via the propulsion jet pipes into the oval filter bags.

By carefully matching up filter area, filter media and cleaning cycles, we achieve a high degree of dust extraction. All available textile filter media can be used.

Protection measures can be integrated such as spark and fire extinguishing systems, as well as explosion venting, offering a high safety standard.

Our ROVAL filters can be easily and quickly assembled on site, as they are factory pre-assembled, including the fitting of filter bags. Low filter resistance and the sparing use of compressed air reduce operating costs. Other plus points include the minimal maintenance requirements and the user-friendly filter replacement.


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