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Plant control and compressed air supply for a filter plant for flame cutting fumes

Jet bag filter

Reliable performance for problem dust

Special separation systems are required for very fine dust. The same is true for fibrous, sticky or moist dust, or for dust which is difficult to agglomerate. Processes with a high concentration of dust and material require filter systems which continue to work reliably when the filter surfaces are subject to maximum loading. Venti Oelde filters do everything you would expect of a modern filter system. Venti Oelde offers a single or double row filter, depending upon the amount of air, the amount of dust it carries and upon the space available. All filters can be used as suction and as pressure filters. The double row designs are arranged with a centrally located inlet corridor for the unfiltered gas.

The gas to be filtered is fed to the outside of the filter bags in Venti Oelde’s industrial filters. The bags are intensively cleaned with pulses of compressed air during normal operation, synchronised to the operation in progress. To avoid adhesion and blockages with lightweight, fibrous materials, we enlarge the filter bag spacing and additionally include cleaning for the space between the bags.

As required, we make our industrial filters in galvanised, painted or stainless steel, with a minimum wall thickness of 3 millimetres for the housing. They are suitable for use both indoors and out.

We make our filters using sophisticated modular technology, consisting of bent and bolted wall components. If minimum leakage is required, we can also seal the housing by welding from the inside. The filters are available in a range of heights and are designed for differing bag lengths and varying pressure levels.


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