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Product range
Dust collection from a cutting and welding machine
Dust collection from a cutting and welding machine
Dust extraction in a blasting plant
Dust collection from a cutting and welding machine

Cartridge jet filters

Large filter area in the smallest possible space

Cartridge jet filters are a special series of filters which ideally complement our comprehensive range of dry filters. Cartridge jet filters can be used for the separation of almost all free-flowing dusts. They are suitable for installation both indoors and out. The use of filter cartridges with a large filter surface in a very small space is what makes cartridge jet filters extremely compact. For many dusts, the high degree of separation provided by filter cartridges, enables the filtered air to be returned to the working areas. In combination with silencers cartridge jet filters are extremely quiet. These cost-effective dust separators can be supplied with or without integrated fans.

Venti Oelde makes cartridge jet filters in five sizes, for air flow volumes from 1,300 m³ to 10,200 m³ per hour.

To filter the exhausted, dust-laden air, we use star-shaped, folded filter cartridges, selected according to the type of dust. The filter cartridges are cleaned using pulses of compressed air. The pulse of air causes a nozzle set to rotate. The compressed air that is released evenly from the nozzles flushes and thoroughly cleans every fold in the filter cartridge. The duration and frequency of the pulses can be individually adjusted using the electronic control unit. The cleaning phases can be activated at regular intervals or can be controlled by the pressure difference across the filter. The standard approach is for the dust to be discharged into a dustbin. It is also possible to use a rotary airlock to discharge into containers, silos or bunkers. Depending on the amount of dust, cleaning can be carried out most efficiently during work breaks or between shifts, when the fan is turned off.

More detailed information about cartridge jet filters

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