Dust collection and process air cleaning plants by Venti Oelde

Further information

In many industrial sectors it is vital to collect, transport and separate dust and solid particles from air or process gases using various filter systems ranging from jet bag filters to wet scrubbers. Venti Oelde uses both standard modules and solutions specially developed to meet these requirements. For instance, we have developed a completely new filter which was designed for the particular requirements of filtering air containing high-volume or fluffy fibrous material.

On request, Venti Oelde can supply systems on a turnkey basis. We take care of all components from the point of extraction right through to the exhaust gas stack. Our systems transport the separated dust to the transfer point either mechanically or, for larger distances, pneumatically.

For complex applications when cleaning process gases, Venti Oelde offers very practical solutions. They are functional, reliable and have a long life. They are efficient and cost-effective.
Special separation systems are required for very fine dust. The same is true for fibrous, sticky or moist dust, or for dust which is difficult to agglomerate.
The ROVAL, oval bag filter range is a compact, space-saving and extremely efficient bag filter system for the separation of almost all dry, free-flowing dusts.
To separate large quantities of bulk materials, our robust and low-maintenance round filters with integrated cyclone separators are tried and tested. Amongst other things, they are used as final separators for pneumatic conveying systems.
When filtering air containing bulky and/or fluffy fibrous material, other parameters apply than for conventional dust.
Cartridge jet filters are a special series of filters which ideally complement our comprehensive range of dry filters. Cartridge jet filters can be used for the separation of almost all free-flowing dusts.
Today, we predominantly use cyclone separators when dealing with large amounts of material, as a primary separator for exhaust and filter systems, or even to separate sparks or droplets.
Wet scrubbers are used in metalworking, in foundries, in the construction industry, in the mineral processing industry; everywhere, where difficult dusts have to be extracted.
For special requirements, Venti Oelde has spray scrubbers and venturi scrubbers. These scrubbers serve to prewet the dust and to reduce the amount of residual dust when working with large amounts of material.
To transport large quantities of dust or chips, or to bridge large distances, we have high and medium pressure conveyor systems in our product range.
Safety cabins are ideal for screening off adjacent workplaces from dust and noise. They consist of a cabin section, in open or closed versions.
An ideal, cost-effective solution for the open machining of a variety of workpieces is provided by safety workbenches with integrated filter units. They are distinguished by high-performance exhaust, low noise levels, compact construction and a universal range of applications.
With cutting fans, we can shred endless material such as edge strips which arise, for instance, during the manufacture of paper, cardboard and fibre-boards. They are installed upstream of the filter.
Venti Oelde has developed shock resistant and flame-proof rotary airlocks. They are suitable for large, high-volume quantities of materials such as, for instance, arise when conveying MDF fibres. The airlock has flexible sealing strips.
Venti Oelde’s services start with the initial contact and continue right through to support in daily operation. From the project phase, the planning phase and the engineering, right through to installation, you will have a personal contact at your side, ready to provide advice.