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Innovative air flow technology without limits

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All engineers at Venti Oelde are bound together by a common passion: a fascination with air and the almost unlimited possibilities for its use in modern systems engineering. The entire bandwidth of this potential is reflected in our solutions.
Innovative power, technical capability and reliability have allowed us to be a partner to customers in a wide variety of industries – and to be one of the world leaders in air technology.

The conceptual spectrum of radial industrial fans comprises high-pressure versions for (...)
In many industrial sectors it is vital to collect, transport and separate dust and solid particles from (…)
Extraction of welding and other process fumes as well as steam and heat results in (…)
Venti manufactures and installs air heating systems, ventilation systems with heat recovery (…)
Production waste or waste of one type represent a great resource potential (…)
Venti Oelde supplies complete systems to dry surface applications (…)