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NEW: Venti PowerAirTube reverse air filter

NEW: Venti PowerAirTube reverse air filter

Discover the nine most important advantages for your business.



Advantage 1: Filter area

With its intelligent filter bag arrangement, the Venti PowerAirTube provides maximum filter area within the minimum amount of space. This enables the system to achieve air throughput of 90,000 m3/h with a footprint of just 13 m2.

Your benefit:

Filter flow rates of between 8,000 m3/h and 90,000 m3/h in an exceptionally compact unit.

Advantage 2: Compact solution

In the Venti PowerAirTube, the fan is integrated into the assembly head on the clean gas side. This makes it more compact because no additional space is required.

Your benefit:

Operation of a large-scale dust extraction system on the smallest possible area.



Advantage 3: Minimal assembly

The Venti PowerAirTube is supplied fully assembled. No separate foundation for the fan or complicated ducting connections to the filter unit are required. Only inlet and outlet ducts and dust discharge are installed on site. Even the electrics are pre-fabricated, so the system can truly be described as “plug and play”.

Your benefit:

Quick and easy installation meaning considerably lower costs.

Advantage 4: Very easy-maintenance

The intelligent positioning of inspection access doors enables easy inspection and maintenance of all relevant filter components. Thus the filter bags in the Venti PowerAirTube are replaced from the clean gas side. Thanks to the highly flexible sprung support cages, this can be done quickly and safely. The filter is exceptionally low-maintenance.

Your benefit:

Simplified inspection and maintenance save time for your staff and the customer service team.



Advantage 5: Efficient cleaning

The Venti PowerAirTube boasts a highly efficient reverse air cleaning system using pressure pulses for the filter bags. The cleaning process takes place in a sealed unit, using only process air from the system itself, so that no separate compressed air supply is necessary. The use of process air in cleaning means that the usual sources of interference, such as condensation, frost or material caking on the filter bags, are avoided.

Your benefit:

Ideal dust extraction results – always.

Advantage 6: Effective material pre-separation

Thanks to the tangential inlet and optimised filter bag arrangement, the Venti PowerAirTube has an integrated, highly effective cyclone pre-separator. This enables a very high degree of separation and the filter surface area can be adjusted to the process as required.

Your benefit:

Reliable dust extraction, even with large amounts of material.



Advantage 7: Technology that is gentle on materials

The use of the system’s inherent low-pressure pulses enables the filter bags to be cleaned more gently. The ongoing monitoring of filter resistance guarantees timely cleaning and thus extends the life of all materials.

Your benefit:

Reduced costs for the replacement of wear parts.

Advantage 8: High energy efficiency

The Venti PowerAirTube’s all-in-one design is highly efficient. Clean gas ducts and pipes leading to the fan are not needed, so there are no energy losses resulting from resistance in the ducting. Instead, the gas flow is drawn efficiently straight to the fan. With integrated volume flow control, the performance of the fan can be adjusted as required.

Your benefit:

Reduced energy costs

Advantage 9: Lower operating costs

The Venti PowerAirTube is an impressive all-in-one package that saves you money. Inspections and maintenance are straightforward and fast. The monitored filter function enables preventive action and ensures smooth operation. Its technology, which is gentle on materials, extends the system’s lifespan. Even energy consumption is reduced thanks to the compact design.

Your benefit:

An intelligent dust extraction solution with high cost-saving potential.

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