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Turnkey project for the replacement of two kiln exhaust gas fans at Cemex in the Czech Republic

Old kiln fan

New fan,
type DHRV 45B-1400/K

New fan with modified inlet and outlet ducts

Venti Oelde and their agency, DSD Dostál a.s., responsible for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, have, working as a team, replaced two kiln exhaust gas fans at Cemex Cement a.s. in Prachovice. Venti Oelde designed and manufactured the new fans. DSD Dostál coordinated all the work, did the calculations for the relevant modifications to the inlet and outlet ducting, then manufactured and installed the ducting, ready for use.

The fans are two double-inlet pre-heater fans, each handling 398,000 m³/h hot, dust-laden gas.

The task was to replace the existing, out-of-date fans with new high-performance machines. The time-frame did not permit modifications to the existing foundations. The inlet and outlet ducts were adapted to the existing ducting system. Removal of the old fans and installation of the new fans and their relevant ducting was included in the scope of performance. Duct insulation was modernized.

Both fans were installed on schedule. Energy consumption of the fans has been clearly reduced, by 16 % for each tonne of clinker produced.

Cemex Cement in Prachovice thanked DSD Dostál and Venti Oelde for their professional work.