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Venti Oelde now Blue Competence Partner

Blue Competence, an initiative of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), stands for the development of sustainable technical solutions by the mechanical engineering industry for all industrial applications. The participating partners commit themselves to offering solutions in line with market trends, which use energy and resources more efficiently, are environmentally friendly and which improve the quality of life.

Blue Competence defines for this purpose resilient sustainability criteria and standards which are to be achieved by each member. Blue Competence thus provides for more transparency, makes it easier to get one’s bearings and gives confidence to all those who are searching for sustainable solutions and products or companies which act in a sustainable manner.

For example, fans handling gases and material have been continuously improved in their performance, flexibility and, in particular, in their energy consumption. With upgraded aerodynamics and intelligent drive systems efficient fans all over Europe annually save 43,000,000 kWh. Further progress in design provides the possibility of future efficiency levels of > 85 %.

Venti Oelde has, therefore, for many years been consistently active in the research and development of fans with improved efficiency levels and was able to tellingly demonstrate their know-how in many customer projects. The same applies to the optimisation of plant pressure losses which Venti Oelde visualises by means of flow simulations.

However, for Venti Oelde energy efficiency and sustainability do not just apply to new business. Upgrading fan impellers in process fans through professional maintenance and repairs leads to a clear reduction in the operating costs of existing plants.