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Launch of a microsite in Bauverlag' s website

With their own microsite integrated into Bauverlag 's primary website, Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde wishes to introduce users to a trade-specific cross section of their products and services.

As one of the leading suppliers of large and special fans for the cement, lime and gypsum industry it is a logical consequence for Venti Oelde to wish to further deepen their communication with the technical groups of each branch. This is possible through the provision of specialist information in cooperation with the Bauverlag. The new microsite, dealing with the subject of „Process Fans“ can be found from 1st March 2011 in the online version of the trade journal „ZKG International“. Venti Oelde will present their large and special fans for the complete industrial process, from pyroprocessing and cooling through grinding and separating to dedusting, whereby the fans mainly work under arduous conditions.

As a start, the online information will be added to and actualized by degrees over the next year with specialized editorials which are already being planned.

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