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100% increase in performance –
New drying system for printing presses and coating plants
Exhaust plants for flame-cutting smoke
Exhaust, filter and convey
Hardfacing on High Strength
Steel for Lightweight Wear
Protected Structural Materials
Dedicated solutions for the printing and paper industries
Dedicated solutions for the woodworking industries
Specialized solutions for the iron and steel, metal-working and processing industries
Specialized solutions for the recycling industry
Large and special fans
High-pressure fans
Industrial Centrifugal Fans
Industrial filters
Innovative filter technology for the cellulose and fiber industry
Know-how and innovation for foil manufacturers, processors and finishing companies
Air handling technology and system solutions for the printing and paper industries
Wet scrubber
Computational Fluid Dynamics for fans and plants
Centrifugal fans in cement works
Avoidance and elimination of deposits
Recovery of cellulose fibers and superabsorbents improve profitability
From waste to profitable material
Sound waves free fan impellers from dust deposits
Transport and processing of PET bottles
Venti PowerAirTube
The reverse air filter for dry dust
Wear protection for centrifugal fans
Recovery of valuable raw materials
Flexibility becomes a profit-earning factor
We make air work on your behalf
The fan impeller as an economic factor