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An exciting excursion at the start of the apprenticeship

Six promising young people started their training at Venti Oelde on August 1 of this year in the occupational fields of technical product designer, plant mechanic and industrial clerk.

To help the new apprentices get started and to develop their team spirit, they went on an interesting excursion to the Venti subsidiary Spänex GmbH in Uslar, Germany, together with the trainees of the other apprenticeship years.

At Spänex, the apprentices and their training coordinators received a comprehensive overview of the company's production processes and product portfolio. With individual tours corresponding to their respective occupational fields, the three groups of apprentices had the chance to delve deeper into different subject areas and get new perspectives on the working process. A question-and-answer session with the Spänex management after the tours provided further interesting insights into the company.

Of course, the highpoint of the day came with the exchange between the apprentices of the two companies Spänex and Venti Oelde, where they were able to share their experiences to date and make new contacts. All in all, it was an interesting and enriching day for all concerned.

Venti Oelde extends a warm welcome to the new apprentices and wishes them good luck and lots of success during their training at the company.

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