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The M-Series: A new generation of highly efficient radial fans

Venti Oelde’s new M-Series generation of radial fans delivers unmatched efficiency with special impellers engineered for maximum efficiency. The new impeller design fulfills the market’s growing demand for fans operating with top energy efficiency to reduce costs and conform with energy efficiency directives. With their computer-calculated configuration, the M-Series impeller blades provide an overall efficiency level of over 90% and support multiple design options. A significant advantage: The optimized impellers can also be retrofitted into existing fans, giving these units 3 - 5% higher efficiency levels and corresponding energy savings in operation. In addition, the impellers make for reduced noise emissions and improved running smoothness, with extended service life. The new design also minimizes caking with particle-laden air flows, which in turn reduces cleaning requirements and servicing times. The new impellers are already available as an option for many models.

Find out more about Venti Oelde’s M-Series:

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