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Air technology expertise for the chemical industry

The chemical industry brings fascinating products and countless possibilities to the manufacturing economy. And just as many demanding requirements and complex standards when it comes time to build or expand an industrial plant to produce these chemical-based products. As a technology leader in air technology applications, Venti Oelde has implemented a multitude of fans and other air technology components for chemical industry customers – and has developed in-depth knowledge and experience along the way.

Whether it has to do with fertilizers, syngas, oil, coal or residue gasification, pharmaceuticals or sulfur recovery – we have comprehensive know-how and extensive practical experience to bring to your project. And, of course, we fulfill all the relevant API standards.

You can get an initial overview of Venti’s offerings with our new brochure "Radial Fans for the Chemical Industry".

Get your free copy now with no obligation: >>> Download brochure

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