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Münsterland-Sternlauf in aid of the children’s cancer charity "Kinderkrebshilfe Münster"

On 2nd August 2014 a group of runners from Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde participated in the third Münsterland-Sternlauf organized by the association "Läuferherz e.V" (Runner’s Heart, a registered association). A "Sternlauf" is a kind of relay race, with runners coming from all points of the compass, the common goal being in this case the town of Münster.

The Venti employees ran the stage from Oelde to Ostenfelde, a distance of 8.2 km, supporting the campaign not only through their sporting participation but also with a donation.

This year the "Läuferherz e.V." association was able to donate a total of 7,000 € to the children’s cancer charity in Münster.


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