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IHK Nord Westfalen

The North-Westphalia Chamber actively represents the business interests of more than 140,000 enterprises in industry, retail, trade, transport, banking, insurance, and services in the Münsterland and Emscher-Lippe regions.

The Chamber promotes the economy of its district and advocates the overall views of their member companies. In doing so, the Chamber must adopt a balanced and reasoned position to incorporate the various interests of individual branches of industry and companies.

The CCI is a leading authority for vocational training and final examinations. Moreover, it advises apprentices and employees on all questions relating to education and training. In the North-Westphalia district, around 3,300 volunteer examiners (affiliated to local enterprises) work on more than 350 CCI examination committees and ensure the practical relevance of the vocational and further training examinations. Therefore, skilled employees are trained in line with requirements, pass examinations on economics and subjects which are relevant to business, and strengthen the autonomy of the regional economy.